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Thanks to HR Advice Online, our company has established a set of HR policies and procedures based on the documentation provided to us.  Throughout the initial set up process and continuing to this day, HR Advice Online provided us with the highest quality service in the way of excellent response times and quality documentation.  The service provided was very easy to understand and apply to our business needs. Thanks again for all of your help and assistance.

- Mark Ainley, Ainley Projects


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4 reasons to use Extended DISC®  in your workplace

We all behave differently in different situations. Sometimes these differences can be a challenge in both our professional and personal lives. Extended DISC®  helps us to understand why we differ and how we can more effectively interact with others. It teaches us the styles that come naturally to us and the way that others around us like to be interacted with. This leads to more effective communication and better results for you, your team and the organisation as a whole.

Here are 4 key benefits of using Extended DISC® in your workplace:

  1. Develop awareness and understanding to improve communication, job performance and satisfaction.

By understanding your own conscious and sub-conscious behavioural styles, you are better placed to know what situations you will thrive in, and what areas you may need to use more focus and energy. By being able to recognise the behavioural style of those around you, you can also identify what methods of communication and language will be most effective for them. This decreases the chance of conflict within an organisation, maximises effective communication and leads to improved job performance. Extended DISC® profiles, unlike other assessments, measures both the subconscious or 'natural style and the conscious or 'adjusted style'. This tells us both the preferred and therefore normal behaviour plus the adjusted behaviour brought about by reaction to the current environment.

  1. Be a more effective leader by understanding how we differ in our expectations of each other.

As a leader, it is important to know how to get the best out of your team. People behave differently in different situations. Some people thrive under pressure but others may react negatively under the same pressure. By understanding the environment in which the individuals in your team work most effectively, you can create a team environment that caters to everyone’s needs and produces the best results. Extended DISC® profiles measure stress level, uncertainty about role, insecurity, frustration, and pressure to change.

  1. Match results against job competencies to get the right people doing the right job.

By using Extended DISC®  for recruitment you can better match a candidate to the role that you are hiring for. This reduces the chance of a “bad fit” because you know what you are getting in advance and how they compare to the competencies of the role and the styles of the others in the team. Extended DISC® cannot be fooled. If a candidate tries to answer the questions in a way that they think it should be answered, the survey will come back as invalid and the candidate will have to repeat it. This means that it is the most honest and transparent method for knowing what you are getting with a potential new employee. Extended DISC® profiles provide interview questions relating specifically to the person's behavioural style. This is not only valuable for recruitment but also for use with the person's appraisal and development

  1. Make more informed decisions on how best to utilise human resources.

Knowing an individual’s natural and adjusted behavioural styles means that you can make better decisions about the best way to utilise them within the business. Teams become more effective, projects can be planned for more thoroughly and individuals are more satisfied with their work because they are doing work that is suited to them. Extended DISC® profiles show if the person is comfortable with their environment, if they are being stretched too far or if they are feeling restricted.

For more information about how Extended DISC® can assist your workplace, please contact us at or 1300 720 004.

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