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The best thing about working with HR Advice Online is the "advice" !

We've tried using the official government websites and what we find is "information" ... it is accurate information based on the current laws etc. but it is still just information.

 How to interpret the information and use if effectively to the scenario being faced is where the difficulty creeps in.

When using HR Advice Online, we get proper 'advice' from experienced, professional and friendly HR qualified staff that have a genuine interest in our success.  They assist us to get the best commercial outcome for our business within the guidelines of best practice HR.

- Jeff Cornock - Xtensive Technology Solutions


Recent news

Can an employee convert their paid or unpaid leave to carer's leave?
Can an employee who is on either paid or unpaid leave due to a Christmas shutdown use their accrued personal/carer's leave to care for a family me...

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Are franchises a small business?
To qualify as a small business under the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code, a business must employ fewer than 15 employees, including: employee...

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Are your policy documents a help or hindrance?
A timely reminder for all employers to review their policy documents to ensure they:- are clear; implemented consistently; managers and empl...

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Can employees shorten their meal breaks?
As an employer, you may at times be approached by an employee, or a group of employees, seeking to alter their hours of work by forgoing or taking a s...

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Industrial Manslaughter Law introduced in Victoria
The Workplace Safety Legislation Amendment (Workplace Manslaughter and Other Matters) Bill 2019 means that employers found to negligently cause a work...

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Reliance on harassment policy failed to protect employer
As an employer, unless you can show you took reasonable steps to prevent the conduct, you may be liable for any acts of sexual harassment committed by...

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Discrimination free recruitment – how it can be done.
A sound recruitment and selection process will enable employers to attract the widest pool of applicants and provide the greatest opportunity to selec...

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