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This gives us everything we need to ensure we are compliant with all areas of HR. We also get updates on the Awards that are relevant to our business. The online resources are very helpful and the support at the end of the phone from the team is great, it really gives us peace of mind.

- Miles Real Estate

HR Guides - Forms & Documents

Knowing which forms and documents an employer must provide employees can be a time-consuming and confusing process for those not familiar with modern human resource legislation. In these guides we explain a number of important and common scenarios where employers must provide suitable forms and documents for HR compliance.
HR can be a difficult area to be fully across and there are hundreds of employer forms, so please contact us if you require further assistance.

Are your policy documents a help or hindrance?

Reliance on harassment policy failed to protect employer

Injury Register

Changes to the Whistleblower Protections Bill 2019

FAQ - Statutory Declarations – Do they have to be accepted?

Policies and Procedures - why have them?

Proof of identity changes for National Police Checks

True or False – Do We Need to Keep Employee Records?

International Driver's Licence Holders – Are There Any Safety Implications To Consider?

Medical Certificate

Post-Employment Restraints – are they worth the paper they are written on?

Policy Training – Is it Really Required?

Compliance - Kick 2021 Off On The Right Foot!

Maintaining HR Compliance - Essential Forms & Documents

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