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HR Advice Online have helped many of my clients and they rave about the advice, especially in the tricky areas of handling difficult employees. The HR Advice Online team saves them an enormous amount of money by doing it correctly the first time. They move on from their issues quickly and cheaply without the potential psychological stress.

- Nick Ikonomou, ActionCOACH business coaching

Getting the Process Right to Support You Employing the Right Person

Once the decision is taken to hire extra staff or replace exiting employees, consideration is then given to the practices that need to be implemented to ensure the right person is recruited for the role.

Whilst standard recruitment practices include:-

  • Job Description – analysis and development of a detailed description of the position required. This can include an analysis of the best fit for the culture of the team the position will work within;
  • Internal opportunities – consider internal options for transfer or promotion into the role. Sometime this presents as the most time effective solution as the individual is already proven as a ‘fit’ for the business’
  • Advertising – how and where the role will be advertised to ensure it reaches the ideal audience;
  • Interviews – consideration is to be given to who, how, when, what, why. 
    • Who will conduct the interviews?
    • How will the interviews be conducted – in person, video conference, pre telephone interviews, panel interviews as some examples
    • When will the interviews occur? When is the best time for the business for interviews to be undertaken to ensure the process runs seamlessly and without impact by other operational priorities?
    • What will the interviews include? What questions will be asked. Will they cover both experience and personality questions? Will there be testing involved.
    • Why – check that you have covered all the relevant who, how, when and what to ensure you can answer why they are relevant and will assist in recruiting the right individual.
  • Reference and Background Checks – ensure that reference checks are undertaken and that the questions asked are the more relevant and informative based on the interview responses and the position requirements.  Ensure background checking – if relevant— is appropriately undertaken and that documentation reflects clauses relevant to background check outcomes.
  • Pre-employment Health Checks – if relevant, are to be undertaken by the appropriately appointed provider. Documentation should also reflect detail regarding outcomes and impacts on position.

It is further recommended that businesses also implement a detailed recruitment policy. A well written policy will include such topics as:-

  • Approvers for recruitment
  • Internal advertising and process
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • External advertising
  • Interview process – including pre interviews, interviews, short listing
  • Selection panel
  • Background and medical checking
  • Reference Checking
  • Employment documentation – contracts and other relevant documentation
  • Induction process

It is imperative to ensure those managers and employees involved in the recruitment process have a clear understanding of the principles and procedures that must be followed. Investing the time to ensure the right preparation is taken pre recruitment to clarify on not only the position to be filled but the right cultural fit, will best place you to attract the right candidates and explore their fit in greater detail throughout the entire process.
Documentation covering clauses such as: - non start, deceptive or misleading information or conduct, false information pre-employment, and outcomes of background or medical checks that impact the employees suitability are also important considerations in greater protection and flexibility for the employer.
For assistance with your recruitment process, please contact us at [email protected] or 1300 720 004. Ask us about our New Hire Package.

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