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HR Advice Online have helped many of my clients and they rave about the advice, especially in the tricky areas of handling difficult employees. The HR Advice Online team saves them an enormous amount of money by doing it correctly the first time. They move on from their issues quickly and cheaply without the potential psychological stress.

- Nick Ikonomou, ActionCOACH business coaching

Hire the right person for the right role


6 Ways to improve your quality of hire.

Statistics suggest that it costs, on average, $100,000 every time someone leaves the business and is replaced. This takes into consideration the hard recruitment costs such as advertising, agency fees or internal recruitment staff, subscription costs, etc. But also the hidden costs like the loss of productivity loss of the exiting employee, the time taken to on-board a new employee and get them up to speed.

With average turnover at approximately 13%, this means that it is costing your business over $1m per year for every 100 employees in the business.

Given that around 50% of new starters leave within the first 12 months, hiring the right person for the right role is imperative.  Using a behavioural profile tool such as Extended DISC can provide you with a valuable insight during the recruitment process to understand how well suited a candidate is for a role and whether or not they are a good fit for the organisation and team culture reducing the risk of a bad hire and saving your business millions.

Here are 6 reasons why Extended DISC is so valuable for recruitment:

  1. Extended DISC cannot be tricked: We all know that candidates can embellish, stretch the truth or even blatantly lie in an interview or resume. Behavioural analysis tools are used to combat this but most questionnaires can be (and usually are) answered in a way that the candidate believes that the employer wants them to answer. Extended DISC has fail-proof measures built into the system that identifies when someone is trying to manipulate their answers and will send back an invalid report meaning that you will know when someone has attempted to beat the system. This means that you get the most accurate indication of the candidate’s natural behavioural style, how they react under pressure, the environment in which they will thrive and what will make them uncomfortable. This increases your chance of hiring the best fit for the role
  2. Extended DISC is versatile: It can differentiate between 160 unique behavioural styles unlike other tools such as Myers-Briggs which only uses 16 personality types. It is also available in over 50 languages meaning that it can be applied wherever your business operates.
  3. Extended DISC is flexible: Reports can be tailored to very specific requirements meaning you can design the exact style that you think is the ideal person for the job down to the finest detail. The Extended DISC sophisticated database can then differentiate between 228,383,696 different text pages to show which candidate best matches your ideal profile. Extended DISC is versatile: It can differentiate between 160 unique behavioural styles unlike other tools such as Myers-Briggs which only uses 16 personality types. It is also available in over 50 languages meaning that it can be applied wherever your business operates.
  4. Extended DISC measures different Behavioural Styles: Unlike other tools, Extended Disc can measure both the natural or sub-conscious behavioural style of a candidate as well as the adjusted or conscious style. This tells us both how the employee will perform most comfortably as well as how they will adjust to the needs of their current work environment.
  5. Extended DISC is quick, easy to use and cost effective: The questionnaire is completed 100% online and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Once completed, the results are available almost instantly. Compared to the costs of a bad hire, the cost of completing a profile pales in comparison.
  6. Extended DISC has multiple applications across the business: The profile, once completed, can then be used once the employee has joined to organisation to assist with individual development, team development, performance management and conflict resolution as well as many other applications.


If you would like further information about how Extended DISC can benefit your business, or how you can become an Accredited Practitioner of Extended DISC please contact us at [email protected] or on 1300 720 004

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