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Thanks to HR Advice Online, our company has established a set of HR policies and procedures based on the documentation provided to us. Throughout the initial set up process and continuing to this day, HR Advice Online provided us with the highest quality service in the way of excellent response times and quality documentation. The service provided was very easy to understand and apply to our business needs. Thanks again for all of your help and assistance.

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Buying a business? Ensure you do your homework prior

A recent media release from the Fair Work Ombudsman sounded a warning to potential buyers of existing businesses to ensure that they double-check the terms and conditions of their new employees.

Of particular focus is ensuring that employees' minimum hourly rates, applicable allowances and conditions are in order prior to signing the contract of sale.

In the event that the new business owner continues with the existing employees, from the day they take over, any people issues now become the responsibility of the new owner.

Prior to purchasing a business, it's important to conduct an HR Audit which covers things like:

  • Pay rates and allowances
  • Award coverage
  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Any performance issues

An example sited by The Fair Work Ombudsman detailed how an employee had been under-paid a total of $19,622 for the 3 and a half years since the new owners  took over the business, 

The new owners were unaware of the annual increases to the Award rates and had not passed these on.

It's important for all potential and existing business owners to ensure they are paying at least minimum Award rate and any applicable allowances.

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