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After participating in the Extended DISC workshop I found that I now have some powerful tools that will help me quickly determine how to best engage another person.

This is especially useful in a networking situation when meeting someone new that communicates and behaves differently to me. Extended DISC is easy to learn and apply and the workshop is a lot of fun.

I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn how to better relate to others.

- Phil Schibeci, Phil Schibeci Seminars.

HR Guides - Separation

It can be difficult to decide the most suitable way to handle employees who are not meeting the requirements of their role. Knowing when and how to legally terminate the employment of an employee is critical. Taking the correct steps to manage this can help you avoid legal ramifications and enable you to maintain morale in your workplace.

The following guides discuss a number of specific employee termination issues.

Casual Employee Termination

Casual Employee Termination - Are Commisions Considered Wages?

Worker Sacked Via Email

Unfair Dismissal Due to Investigation Flaws

Can a High Income Earner Claim Unfair Dismissal?

Unfair Dismissal Claims on the Rise

Termination During Probation

Spreading rumours not a valid reason for dismissal

Constructive dismissal or Resignation

Does demotion constitute dismissal?

FAQ - Do you have to allow an employee to access to union representation when undertaking a disciplinary process?

Fair Work Conciliation Process - An Overview

What is Constructive Dismissal?

Dismissal of Casual Employee puts Employer in the Dog House

True or False

Dismissal Undone by Lack of Process

Redundancy survivors – helping those who remain

Unfair dismissal: does a job with an associated entity count as service?

Notice of Termination – Does this apply to casual employees?

Should termination pay be paid immediately?

Accepting an employee’s request for termination – What are the Risks?

True or False? Employees have to be given 3 formal warnings before their employment can be terminated.

Employee Dismissed For Being "Too Old"

“Offensive and vulgar” Facebook post not a valid reason for termination

Procedural Fairness Essential in Investigation Process

Adverse action results in $157K payout

Reinstatement After Sending Racist Text Messages

FWC Reports Huge Increase in Unfair Dismissal Cases

FWC Continues to Consider Fair Process

FWC Says Termination of Employment Warranted for a Cough

What is Gardening Leave?

How to Make an Employee Redundant

Resignation Whilst on Sick Leave

How to Terminate an Employee

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