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Finally - an HR service which we can depend on and refer clients to with confidence!  We are continually asked for advice concerning employment related matters which in the past we have inefficiently sourced. Hence we have searched and found a company that can satisfy the needs of our growing client base – HR Advice Online.  We have had much positive feedback from clients in relation to HR Advice Online’s service offering. One particular restaurant business had issues with employment contracts which continued to exist after seeking guidance from several perceived experts. Their issues were promptly rectified after subscription with HR Advice Online. They were extremely happy and thanked us for referring them to HR Advice Online.... HR Advice Online has not only assisted our clients but us too as a firm.

- David Cassarino, Partner, Andresen McCarthy Partners, Accountants and Business Advisors

HR Guides - WHS

Workplace health and safety is increasingly becoming a key area of HR which all employers must be across. Legislation is in place to protect employees through the provision of a safe working environment. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in significant legal ramifications.

Read the following guides to learn more about WHS in your industry, or contact us to learn more.

Employee's Psychological Injury - Not Reasonable Management Action

Bushfire Preparedness

Victorian Employers Urged to Ensure Safety is Top Priority

End of Year Celebrations - Some Do's & Don'ts

$967,383 in Damages For Employee's After Hours Accident

Swooping Birds - A Compensable Event

Are Your Employee's Safe Working From Home?

How To Improve The Change Experience

Work From Home - Managing Work Life Balance

Can an Employee Who Contracts COVID-19 Sue?

Is Your Workplace a Mentally Healthy Workplace?

Employer Obligations for Employees Visiting Client Sites

Workplace Manslaughter Laws

Are Your Staff Protected From Abuse?

Preparing for a Return to Work post COVID-19

Industrial Manslaughter Law introduced in Victoria

WHS Committee – Should you have one?

e-cigarettes – Are they covered by smoking restrictions?

End of year celebrations - Tips for ensuring a safe, risk-free festive season

No Safety Training - No Excuse

Forklift negligence results in $90K fine

Extreme weather – what if employees can't work?

Practical jokes landing employers in hot water

What can you do if an employee may be under stress?

Volunteers are ‘workers’ for the purposes of anti-bullying legislation

Can you sack an employee for breaching safety?

Safety Considerations for Remote Employees

No Excuse for Non Compliance

Compliance - Start the New Year Right!

FAQ - Asthma Inhalers and First Aid Kits

Stand Up and Stretch

Emergency exit signs – when are they required?

Bad Smells - Passing wind - Not deemed to be Bullying

Is Your Workplace an Ice Block or a Heater?

Safety Advice - The Importance of taking meal breaks or leave

Obligations to manage excessive hours

Intoxication in the Workplace

Can I Performance Manage An Employee Who Suffers From Anxiety?

Wellness in the Workplace

Should employees have to disclose which medications they take?

$10,000 damages awarded for being denied a job due to mental illness

Supporting Employees with Mental Health Illness

Swearing in the Work Place - is it Ever Ok?

Alleged Bullies - Duty of Care Owed

Compliance - what businesses need to have in place

Masks - Everything You Need To Know

Flu Season

End of Year Celebrations - 'tis the Season to be Cautious!

End of Year Celebrations - What do you need to consider?

Returning to Work Post COVID - How to Keep Your Workplace Safe

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