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Emergency exit signs – when are they required?

When are emergency exit signs and emergency lighting required to be installed in a commercial building?

The requirements for emergency and exit lighting can vary according to:

  • The size of the area,

  • The class of building.

  • Whether the building was built before or after 1 july 1994, or

  • When building work was carried out.

The requirements for exit signs and emergency lighting are set out in the Building Code of Australia 2010.

Exit Signs
Section E4.5 of the Building Code ‘Exit signs’ provides that an exit sign:

  • Must be clearly visible to persons approaching the exit.

  • Must be installed on, above or adjacent to each door providing direct egress from a storey to an enclosed or external stairway, passageway or ramp serving as a required exit; and on, above or adjacent to a door to an external access balcony leading to a required exit.

  • Must be positioned above or adjacent to each door from an enclosed stairway, passageway or ramp at every level of discharge to a road or open space.

  • Must be at any door serving as, or forming part of, a required exit in a storey required to be provided with emergency lighting in accordance with section e4.2 of the building code, which sets out requirements for emergency lighting.

Emergency Lighting

‘Emergency lighting’ has an internal battery that provides illumination even when mains power is out and includes emergency escape lighting and illuminated emergency exit signs.

If the exit from any room does not open onto a space which has adequate natural light in the event of an emergency, then emergency and exit lighting would be required.

Emergency lighting must be designed and installed in accordance with AS 2293.1 “Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings”.

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