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Using HR Advice Online has made a real difference to how we operate on a weekly basis. As a business owner you have several hats to wear every single day and the structure that they put in place and the availability to get answers when you need them is second to none.

- Damien Murphy, First National Phillips Nicholson

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Should Employees Have to Disclose Which Medications They Take?
Due to an increasing awareness of WHS obligations, and with research suggesting that at least one in five Australians suffer from a mental illness (Au...

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Flexible Work Arrangement Options to Consider
As notified earlier, effective from 1 December 2018, all modern awards were updated to include additional obligations that employers will need to comp...

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Dealing With Rage in the Workplace
Every employee will feel frustration and anger at some stage during their lives, and this can include while in the workplace. Conflict can arise betwe...

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Bonus Systems – An Overview
Bonus systems are a fairly widespread way employers incentify their employees to increase productivity.  It should be noted that the payment of a...

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Managing Employees During Natural Disasters
In some instances, employees may not be able to attend work because of: damage caused by natural disasters, such as flooding or fire inability...

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Scheduling performance meetings - Do you need to inform an employee in advance?
Although it is not mandatory, when undertaking a performance management process, it is recommended that, as an employer, you do let an employee know a...

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Transferring Employees – Reducing the risk of unfair dismissal
To make an unfair dismissal claim, an employee must, amongst other things, have served the minimum employment period (or qualifying period). The mi...

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Unfair Dismissal - Frequently asked questions
Who is covered by the unfair dismissal laws? Only employees covered by the national workplace relations system are covered by the unfair dismissal...

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Post-Work Drinks –Endorsed business activity or personal time?
If employees bring their own alcohol into the workplace to enable them to socialise after hours in the staffroom, would this be considered to be a wor...

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Misconduct Definitions
Misconduct is a general description covering a varying degree of behaviour ranging from behaviour justifying a first warning to behaviour justifying s...

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