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The best thing about working with HR Advice Online is the "advice" !

We've tried using the official government websites and what we find is "information" ... it is accurate information based on the current laws etc. but it is still just information.

 How to interpret the information and use if effectively to the scenario being faced is where the difficulty creeps in.

When using HR Advice Online, we get proper 'advice' from experienced, professional and friendly HR qualified staff that have a genuine interest in our success.  They assist us to get the best commercial outcome for our business within the guidelines of best practice HR.

- Jeff Cornock - Xtensive Technology Solutions


Recent news

Are your KPIs set for the year ahead?
What are KPI’s? Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are a quantifiable measurement that reflect the critical success factors of a busine...

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Injuries - What constitutes in "the course of employment"?
For an injury to be compensable under an Australian Workers Compensation scheme, it needs to have arisen out of, or in the course of employment. There...

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Can personal leave warrant discipline or dismissal?
Personal leave (covering both sick and carers leave) is both an entitlement and workplace right that is provided to all full-time and part-time employ...

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Family and Domestic Violence Leave Entitlements
Family and domestic violence is not just a private issue. It is an issue which can have a significant effect on a person’s ability to lead a pro...

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Annualised Salary Reviews
On 1 March 2020, changes were made to a number of modern awards in order to provide and clarify annualised wage arrangements for full time employees. ...

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Managing Employees During Periods of Extreme Heat
As part of your obligations to provide a safe working environment, during periods of extreme heat, precautions need to be taken to prevent heat stress...

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Returning To The Workplace - Employee Reluctance
As COVID active cases appear more and more under control, many employers are looking to a return to the workplace. What happens when employees resist ...

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