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Using HR Advice Online has made a real difference to how we operate on a weekly basis. As a business owner you have several hats to wear every single day and the structure that they put in place and the availability to get answers when you need them is second to none.

- Damien Murphy, First National Phillips Nicholson


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How to get the best from your team working at home

Since early 2020 the office has changed. Work from Home is a common occurrence which can suit both employer and employees. A hybrid or co-location model appears to be the standard these days, and we are looking at it as the new norm.

However, when there are issues with productivity and performance how can you ensure your employees are focused, clear on expectations and are delivering?

The main difference as a leader is you and your communication

  • Use regular and effective communication – email, text, CRM, collaborations tools
  • Call via phone or catch up online
  • Build trust and make allowances for your employees and their home situations
  • Ensure you have set clear expectations - goals and/or KPIs, regular daily updates with targets

As a manager with many or all your team working remotely, consider the following

  • One on one catch ups with each employee.
  • Praise and reward performance when appropriate.
  • Ensure all company changes and updates flows through to each employee so they are across information that effects their role and understand key objectives.
  • Use SMART goals to create clearly defined expectations and review these regularly.
  • Establish clear reporting expectations and deadlines.


What happens if one of your employees is not performing?

Firstly, are the expectations of the role clear, fair, and transparent?

  • Investigate the performance issue – consider what has changed, what evidence you have, are there work, environmental; or personal life impacts that need to be considered?
  • What is failing, what is fact and what is emotionally based?
  • Communication – raise the issue early and involve the employee in finding a solution.
  • Document all activities, agreements and any Performance Improvement Plan agreed upon.


If you have any questions require advice or assistance with responding to a Performance Management issue,  or should you require support regarding any HR matter, please contact the team at HR Advice Online at [email protected] or on 1300 720 004.


PMOL – Performance Management Online is an online performance system to support you and your employees in completing regular reviews simply. Available 24/7, automated, totally customisable in annual reviews, monthly reviews and probation reviews. Contact [email protected] for more information.


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