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The best thing about working with HR Advice Online is the "advice" !

We've tried using the official government websites and what we find is "information" ... it is accurate information based on the current laws etc. but it is still just information.

How to interpret the information and use if effectively to the scenario being faced is where the difficulty creeps in.

When using HR Advice Online, we get proper 'advice' from experienced, professional and friendly  HR qualified staff that have a genuine interest in our success.  They assist us to get the best commercial outcome for our business within the guidelines of best practice HR.

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Exploring DISC styles in the workplace - I Style

Understanding ourselves and knowing what makes us tick, how we make decisions, what our preferences are in terms of communication is key to self-awareness.   By understanding ourselves and those around us and their preferences leads to improved communication, productivity, relationships, and overall wellbeing.

A DISC profile is a self-assessment that measures an individual’s behavioural style.  Typically, most of us are a combination of 2 or 3 styles, with 1 of these being our preferred way of behaving.

To recap, DISC is an acronym, with the 4 letters standing for the four primary DISC styles – D Dominance, I Influence, S Steadiness and C Compliance.  Each of the styles is associated with certain behaviours. 

Each of the 4 styles have great attributes, no 1 style is “better” or “worse” that another.  What’s important is to play to the strengths of each of the styles and to be aware of potential ineffective ways in which the styles can behave.

In this article we further explore the 4 key behavioural styles of Extended DISC® - focusing on the “I” style.

I Styles – Influence

I Styles prefer big picture thinking with a focus on the future and possibility.  They are not interested in the detail and very quickly move onto the next thing.  They are talkative, social, and optimistic.

I styles are people focussed – they love working with and spending time with people – and are positive and very good at influencing others.   They know what they want and bring people along on the journey with them.   They like to make decisions quickly, process information fast and are optimistic about the outcomes.  They love change – they find change exciting and fun as they dislike the same routine. 

They like to talk a lot, but don’t like difficult topics and tough conversations as their preference is to focus on the positive.   They are very comfortable chatting with people of all styles and encouraging in their communication style.

They appear open and friendly, excitable, and animated in their speech and gestures, often jumping from one thing to the next.

Words that describe the I Styles are inspiring, performer, talkative, idea generator, enthusiastic, quick-witted, energetic, and persuasive.

I styles make up approximately 31% of the Australian population.


Kerrie Canning is a Master Trainer of Extended DISC®. HR Advice Online run workshops and training programs for individuals, teams and organisations. 

For more information about our Extended DISC® workshops and profiles, please contact us at [email protected] or 1300 720 004.

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