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The best thing about working with HR Advice Online is the "advice" !

We've tried using the official government websites and what we find is "information" ... it is accurate information based on the current laws etc. but it is still just information.

 How to interpret the information and use if effectively to the scenario being faced is where the difficulty creeps in.

When using HR Advice Online, we get proper 'advice' from experienced, professional and friendly HR qualified staff that have a genuine interest in our success.  They assist us to get the best commercial outcome for our business within the guidelines of best practice HR.

- Jeff Cornock - Xtensive Technology Solutions


Recent news

FWC Says Termination of Employment Warranted for a Cough
A Cater Care Australia Operations Pty Ltd part time employee who coughed in the face of a nurse who was taking his temperature, challenged their termi...

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FWC Warning to Employees Claiming Bullying When Performance Managed
A senior FWC member has recently made the observation that it is ‘unfortunately easy’ to allege bullying when undergoing performance manag...

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Personal Leave - High Court Ruling
In September, 2019 we advised the landmark decision by the Full Court of the Federal Court concerning two employees of Mondelez Australia who work 12 ...

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Can a High Income Earner Claim Unfair Dismissal?
Each year on 1 July, the High Income Threshold under the Fair Work Act is increased. As at 1 July, 2020, the High Income Threshold is $153,600.  ...

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Masks - Everything You Need To Know
As we have all heard, the wearing of masks in Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire will become a Health Commissioner directive effective 11.5...

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JobKeeper Enabling Direction to Take Leave Challenged
The Fair Work Act has been temporarily amended to complement the JobKeeper scheme and allow employers to better manage their workforce during the pand...

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Employer Obligations for Employees Visiting Client Sites
Both within the COVID-19 pandemic period and outside of the period, it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure their employees are safe whilst...

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